Improve your Personal Energy Management

• Do you often feel exhausted and low in energy?

• Do you have sleep or anxiety issues?

• Are you going through a transition in your life? 

• Do you just want to feel more balanced, happy and live a life on your terms? 

There are so many reasons, current life circumstances, past traumas or even earlier life events that weigh on us and can constantly rob our energy. 

That happens to all of us. There is nothing wrong with you. You probably have kept the low vibrational emotions and energies in your body.


It doesn’t have to stay like this. You can change it. E-motions are Energy in Motion! That means emotions are supposed to flow through your body; not being stuck and stored there.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and also in modern Personal Energy Management (PEM) it is known that energy-blockages lead to low moods and fatigue. Over time these energy blockages can even provoke more serious ailments and chronic diseases.  But you can release and lift these energy blockages.

I believe that we all deserve to be happy, healthy and full of energy. To do so, we can learn how to manage, clean and protect our energy body. Yes, our energy body needs to be cleaned and nurtured.

Just like our physical body needs to be cleaned, washed and taken care of to function well or to heal.

With different holistic healing methods, I can guide you to cleanse and heal your energy body, bring your energies again into flow, release hurtful emotions; set you free of limiting beliefs and recharge your system.
You will experience the change in your body, mind, heart and soul immediately.

You will be empowered to manage your emotions; charge up and protect your energies.

If you want to change something, you first must see,
and acknowledge what is!“ 

So, what does it mean to acknowledge a situation as it is?
You might have tried many different ways to heal and get to your goal? But nothing has worked sustainably for you?!

I have been there too, feeling stuck or going in circles. But I got out of it, and you can too. Allow me to guide you to gently explore pragmatic ways to resolve your problems at the root and not just treat the symptoms. Together we will work on different systemic levels to a sustainable solution for you.

How that?

By addressing all of you (body, mind, heart & soul) with various holistic methods according to your individual needs, 
you will heal, get your well-being and your energies back. On top of it, you will know how to keep it like that 
and live your empowered life on your terms.

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Live Your Full Potential






Allow yourself to JUST BE.

It’s all about YOU feeling well and doing good.
I’m passionate to offer you holistic experiences that nurture your well-being of body, mind, heart and soul. I support your self-empowerment. 

You can best heal, build and maintain your well-being, if you experience the empowerment of doing it yourself.
I guide you to (re)discover your body, mind, heart & soul space as
your true home and powerhouse.

Practice for your mind, body, heart & soul

Everything you think, feel and say affects your actions and emotions and ultimately your well-being. To reduce stress, ailments and disease, and live more positive moments, with CAYAE, I offer you:

CAYAE for private clients:

• Holistic Health & Life Coaching
• A wide range of different Yoga practices
• Reiki, Healing Hands, Quantum Touch treatments
• Guided Meditation & Mindfulness training
• Breathwork guidance and coaching
• Holistic Health retreats and customized camps

CAYAE for corporate customers and organizations:

• Holistic Leadership Development Coaching
• Concept development & implementation of mentoring programs
• Concept development & implementation of corporate reflection 
and well-being programs
• Transformational Leadership Development retreats
• Holistic Health Workshops at your workspace

Passion & Purpose

It is my passion to hold space for you to find your individual state of well-being and live a more balanced, happy, purposeful and succesful life!
We are all very unique beings and as such need a different interplay of the 6 different pillars of well-being.
The more you live aligned within and with your environment, the more you will live in your full potential.
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