Hello, I am Isabelle

I come from a lineage of 7 generations of medical doctors and healers. I grew up between Germany and Haiti as the third child of a Haitian motherwho taught me the importance of family ties, ancestors and traditions; and a German father, who inspired my love and respect for flora and faunaand how important it is to sometimes break and redefine traditions.

I studied Global Business Administration and held leading positions in talent management and organizational development in multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations; consistently focusing on the personal aspect of leadership development.

I realized that the best leaders are those who have done a good amount of conscious personal development and deep immersion within themselves. Climbing the corporate ladder, making more money, having a husband, a kid, a house, a big car, etc. just didn’t do it for me anymore.

I felt dissatisfied professionally and personally. Conflicts in both areas seemed intractable and I didn’t know what to do but breaking free from it all.

From my birth on I always had a very sensitive skin and was plagued by a strong atopic eczema (neurodermatitis). Any form of radical change or overstimulation of my senses (which I understood later, as I was classified as HSP – hyper sensitive person) would trigger my stressresponse and make my rashes grow along my arms, legs and what was worse, my face.

It took me some of my teenage years to emancipate myself from the traditional treatments (cortisone and tar), my parents and dermatologists had advised me to take. I started watching carefully what I would eat, when and how. In the middle of my Masters studies I went on a 4 weeks cure to learn and accept that you can never really cure neurodermatitis, but accept it and then live your life according to what your body, mind and soul need and tell you.

That’s when I began to live more mindful. I started practicing yoga and regular meditation and invested more in my own personal development path: I dove deep into my inner child’s wounds; and even ancestral and past live wounds & traumas helped me to understand myself and heal better. 

Once I had my son, so many more questions and old emotional traumas came up and I wanted to know more, find and follow my purpose and best support my son to grow and thrive without the baggage of my past.

So, I did further trainings with various western personal development schools and healing practitioners. And then also amongst shamans and ancient healers of Asian roots and of my very own German, Haitian & Caribbean roots.

My journey of changing careers, finding and pursuing my purpose without judging myself; mastering and enjoying a life path away from what my family and friends expected me to do, was not always light and easy. But the more I was true to myself, connected to myself, the more I was healing inner wounds, releasing blockages and stored emotions.

In those moments I always felt so alive and full of energy. I was looking for more deep encounters, where I felt supported; and could also offer deeper support to others on their healing journey. It has become my passion using my hypersensitivity within a holistic approach to serve my clients uncover their inner source of energy and tapping into their full potential.

I just love seeing you smile as you heal, reach your goals and go your path with true joy, health and happiness.

Exerpt from my constantly deepening further educations

• Executive Leadership Program, THNK School, Amsterdam AMS#13
• Masters in International Management, ESCP-Europe, Paris-Oxford-Berlin, BE94
•Certified integral personality coach, coaching-up with Angelika Gulder
• Certified Yoga teacher, 2x 200 RYT (Hatha, Ashtanga, Nidra)
• Personal Energy Management & Coaching, Dr. Cornelia Kawann, Zürich

• Dharma Shamanic System, with José Antonio Manchado, Amsterdam
• Energetic Healing Activation, Reiki Usui Master, Healing Hands; Energy Healing Academy UK & USA
• Intuitive Healing according to Belinda Davidson and Caroline Myss
• Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching, with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield
• Rewilding, the Feminin Divine with Sabrina Lynn

About Cayae

The name CAYAE derives from the Haitian Kreyol word KAY, meaning HOUSE or HOME.

With Cayae I create spaces where you can feel safe and at home. At home within yourself and in balance with yourself. I use great sensitivity and successfully applied methods from various teachings to create space and guide you to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

My goal is to support you in finding your own combination of well-being factors and actually anchoring them in your everyday life, achieving your goals and exploring your full potential. My mess + my age = my message. That means if I can do it, so can you. I combine my personal gifts and professional experiences to provide space for dedicated souls to activate their inner powers to improve their own well-being, the well-being of their community and our society. 

CAYAE was born from a fundamental belief: a commitment to myself, my environment and the earth, to be happy and healthy and to achieve our full potential.

By following my own path, thriving and reaching my full potential, I help others connect with themself, heal old internal wounds & blockages letting go of limiting beliefs and emotions. Find your personal well-being for body, heart, mind and soul. Activate your personal energy sources sustainably. 

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