Personal Well-Being
  • You need a change but don’t know where and how to start?
  • Do you want to be more relaxed, balanced, and full of energy?
  • Do you struggle with chronic ailments, sleep, or anxiety issues?
  • Are you looking for inner peace, happiness, and more purpose in your life?
  • Are you in a transition in your personal and/or professional life?

If you said YES at least once to the above questions, I am the right partner for you.

I am dedicated to helping you achieve your full potential and become the confident, empowered individual you are meant to be. Let me guide you in overcoming challenges and reaching your goals, so you can experience a fulfilled life of confidence, joy, and independence.

Are you ready to discover more than you ever imagined possible?

My offers for You
1. Holistic Health -
and Life Coaching

Through our collaboration, we will work together to prioritize your goals and identify any inner blockages that may be hindering your progress.

By addressing these obstacles, we will empower you to live your life to the fullest, tapping into your full energy potential. Our work will involve raising your personal energy levels, healing any inner wounds, and activating your self-healing powers.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience new methods and tools for personal energy management that will help you reach your goals and maintain your well-being sustainably.

By integrating the 6 pillars of well-being into your daily life, you will be able to maintain a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Together, we will work towards unlocking your true potential so you the live the life you desire. 

    • Take INDIVIDUAL 1on1 COACHING, either session by session, or book your individual 6-week program 

    • Book a 3-MONTH GROUP COACHING PROGRAM guided by me to also enjoy the benefits of learning from each other and finding support from a community of like-minded souls 

  • Book your 1on1 ENERGY HEALING session to get more energized, release stuck emotions, and nourish your energy body effectively

  • Reserve your individual VIP DAY RETREAT to experience it all away from home on a tropical island in an exclusive 1on1 experience

No matter if you are new to Energy work or a Reiki Master yourself, you just lean back and be open to receive channeled energy healing and support from the Universe and Mother Earth. You will receive Reiki (if wished with reading & feedback) & Quantum Touch treatments that make you aligned in body-mind-heart & soul; and heal inner wounds & blockages.

2. Holistic Health Retreats

Retreats about Mastering your Personal Energies, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & Embodiment 

If you want to dive deep in a compact and immersive way and combine my holistic healing and coaching services (see above) with a stay away from home, my retreats are the best way to experience your healing journey in a magical vacation setup where you get to relax, heal, focus on you, integrate new learnings and get to experience the support of like-minded souls unexpectedly and sustainably.

These involve a private chef who creates magical organic (and if desired Ayurvedic, vegan or vegetarian) meals. You will receive uplifting personal energy treatments, rejuvenating yoga, meditation & mindfulness practices, mesmerizing visits to cultural & historical sites, diving into the ocean, lake, or wild rivers, and life-changing local cultural experiences e.g. around a bonfire, vibrant traditional music or on a hiking path in the shoes of our ancestors.

Please reach out for more information or if you want to design the retreat content together with me.

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