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Personal Well-Being

Are you interested to explore new places within and around yourself?
Do you want to be more relaxed, balanced, energized, fit and healthy?
Are you looking for inner peace, well-being and more purposeful moments in your life?
Are you in a transition in your personal and/or professional life?

If you said at least once YES to the above questions, I am the right partner for you. In all my offers it is my objective
to support your growth and make you become the strong, independent and fulfilled person that’s inside of you.

Be open to experience more than you were even looking for?

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My offer for You

2-12 day retreats and camps

We regularly organize 2-10 day retreats and camps on pristine private beaches in Haiti or in secluded vallys in France/Germany for groups of 10-14 people. These involve a private chef that creates magical organic (and if desired ayurvedic, vegan or vegetarian) meals, various yoga & meditation practices, visits to cultural & historical sites and villages, diving into the ocean/lake or wild rivers and into some cultural experiences around a bonfire and vibrant traditional music.

Please reach out if you are interested in a private group camp. You may also design the content priorities together with us.

If you would like to receive more information about upcoming retreats and details about our services, follow us on instagram @cayae_isa. 

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